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Teen Drivers Section of California DMV Handbook:
Teen Drivers Section, which includes information on obtaining an Instruction Permit for minors.

California DMV Now Offers Online Driver’s License Testing Options
As of March 17, 2022, “The California Department of Motor Vehicles is now offering online options so customers who need to take a driver’s license knowledge test can complete the requirement at home before visiting a DMV office. For customers renewing a license with a knowledge test requirement, the DMV offers two options. In addition to a remote version of the traditional knowledge test, there also is an interactive eLearning course available.

Eligible customers are prompted to choose the remote exam or eLearning course after filling out the online driver’s license application and paying the fee. Currently, the remote exam is available for the nearly 2 million tests taken by Californians renewing their license each year, the more than 1.3 million tests taken by adults getting their license for the first time who also don’t have a California- identification card, and Californians getting a REAL ID or motorcycle license for the first time. The eLearning course is available for Californians renewing their license.

Choosing an online testing option significantly reduces the time it takes to complete a transaction in a DMV office. Customers with a testing requirement for their license must still go to an office after completing one of the online options to provide the required identity and residency documents, take a photo, provide a thumbprint, complete a vision screening and be issued a licensing document.”

Read entire California DMV announcement.

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California Driver’s Test Info
Cantor’s Driving School provides this information for student drivers who are about to take their driver’s road test. The following general guidelines are subject to change by the California DMV. This Test Info PDF is also available for download.

DMV Evaluator Questions:
1) Hand signals – left, right, stop, yield
2) Front/rear defrosters
3) Emergency flashers
4) Emergency brake
5) Turn signals
6) Step on brake
7) Windshield wipers
8) Horn

10 Things The DMV Examiner Will Look For:
1) Full stop behind limit lines
2) Clear intersections (left, right, left)
3) Lane positioning (center of lane)
4) Speed management
5) Be ready to identify and use a two-way left turn lane
6) Scan the cross street coming up
7) Keep your head and eyes moving
8) Check your mirrors often
9) Following distance (3-4 seconds)
10) Always look over your right shoulder prior to crossing a bicycle lane to make a right turn

Items To Bring To DMV:
1) Signed Provisional Learners Permit – If under 18
2) Gold Certificate of Completion / AKA Golden Ticket – if under 18 after six hours of driving
3) Proof of vehicle registration
4) Proof of vehicle insurance
5) California drivers license of licensed adult accompanying student

Cantor’s Useful Links & Resources

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Driving With Autism is an online program designed to help autistic individuals obtain their driver’s licenses with driving prep courses. Visit the Driving With Autism website for more information.
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